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Not in a union but need help?


Fixed Fee Representation3The onset of the recession has seen many companies take cost-cutting measures e.g. wage freezes or reductions and 'downsizing'. Unfortunately, some have also tried to reduce their workforce by targeting employees with questionable disciplinary charges, redundancies, or attendance improvement procedures.
Because of such actions, we do have a lot of requests for help from people who up until then didn't feel they needed the 'insurance' policy of Trade Union membership. 
Whilst we would love to help, our Constitution, like other Unions, only allows us to represent at the Union's expense existing members who encounter a workplace problem. However, we are sympathetic to those who encounter a problem without Union representation and may be facing the prospect of large legal costs. We have therefore developed a scheme to deal with this.
Require urgent representation?
Do you have a serious employment problem now and require urgent representation? One of our highly trained Reps can do this for you at a special day rate (negotiable) + travel expenses. Our Reps have experience in grievance and disciplinary procedures, Employment Tribunals, and many other related areas. If this is of interest to you then you need to:
Join the Union 

The easiest way to join is online. We have set up a monthly and annual subscription plan.

If you would like to pay £8 monthly please click  here 

If you would like to pay for the year (£96) please click here

 Ring Graham Williamson on 07970 455445 and we can start to help.