26/07/2009 - Tory leader threatens Unions

Tory Leader David Cameron threatened Trade Unions in an interview with the Sun published on 23 July. He knows that Unions will defend jobs when he seeks to slash public spending. Unions will protect frontline services in the NHS and Education and seek to ensure workers don't pay for the bankers and speculators crisis.


Cameron is trying to win favour with the anti-Union Murdoch press and come over as a tough-guy. The Sun said he:-


"squared up to union bosses who might order strikes in the wake of any spending cuts.

He challenged them: 'My message to union leaders who think they can take me on is simple: Don't do it...

Britain is living well beyond its means and savings need to be made.

"But my message to the unions on this is: I'm certainly not planning on losing'."


Solidarity General Secretary, Pat Harrington,  said:-

"Like all reactionaries Cameron is a Paper Tiger. Unions have the right to defend their members. Why should our fine public service workers pay the price for the insane risks taken by bankers and speculators and the inept managment of our economy by a detached and corrupt  political class? British workers should look to France for examples of how to effectively resist such attacks."