27/07/2009 - Renationalise the East Coast Mainline!

The Solidarity Trade Union today called for the renationalisation of the East Coast mainline. It argues that the privitisation of the line under both GNER and National Express has failed. These high profile failures point to fundamental problems with the franching system itself.


National Express recently walked away from the East Coast Main Line franchise as they said they couldn't pay the government the 1.4 billion they had promised. They continue to coin it in from the East Anglia and C2C services. The result of allowing privateers to run our railways is chaos - fares increasing by as much as 11 per cent (when inflation is close to zero officially) and a lack of integration and plainning.


The General Secretary of Solidarity, Pat Harrington, worked on the ECML under GNER. He said:-


"I am disappointed that the Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis, is insisting that the ECML will once again be put out to franchise. Rail should be under public ownership, it is a vital service which cannot be allowed to fail. The privateers have received huge public subsidy and walk away from losses. Of what benefit is this to the public purse?"