06/08/2009 - Vexatious complaints against Union dismissed

Four traitors who made vexatious complaints against our Union brotherhood have had them dismissed by the Certification Office. The Certification Office oversees Trade Unions. Haynes, Potter, Mullen & McLinden  made a total of seven complaints alleging breach of sections 30(2)(a), 47(2) and 49(2)(b) of the 1992 Act and breach of union rules. The complaint by Ms Haynes related to access to accounting records and was dismissed by the Certification Officer upon its withdrawal. The other complaints from Messrs Potter, Mullen and McLinden alleged breaches of statute and union rule relating to the elections to the National Executive, the appointment and removal of officers and posts and the calling of a special general meeting. The Certification Officer dismissed all the complaints. The full judgement can be read here.


Solidarity President, Adam Walker said:-


"Our Union beat these allegations fair and square. Potter and the rest are agents or their dupes in the opinion of many. We shall now investigate whether any action can be taken against those involved in this attempt to disrupt our Union. The members want to see them punished for their misdeeds."