09/08/2009 - Postal strikes spread

Postal strikes are spreading with strong support. Rolling strikes over pay and jobs have hit deliveries across Britain. The strikes involving 25,000 postal workers are the biggest action to take place since a national stoppage in 2007.


Strikes have hit many areas in recent weeks, particularly Scotland and London. Drivers based in Northampton, Birmingham, Coventry, London and Essex went on strike on Friday. Postal staff in Somerset, Bristol and Edinburgh took action on Saturday.  On Monday the strike will spread to Ipswich and other parts of Suffolk with new areas joining in later in the week.


A Solidarity Postie commented:- "Some people are confused by the rolling strikes, area by area. There is strong support though amongst workers for them and they are biting. I hold dual membership with the CWU and I will be voting for national action in the ballot next month. Hopefully we will get the right result and see strikes in the Autumn. Royal Mail are ruining our postal service and only the workers can block them."