01/09/2009 - more trouble ahead at Fujitsu

Fujitsu face more trouble over the Japanes firm's plans to close its main final-salary pension scheme and impose a pay freeze. 4,000 workers in the firm's defined-benefit pension plans could be hit by the move. The proposed changes would reduce the total package of each employee by at least 15 per cent.


There is considerable support amongst workers at the company for industrial action.


Last week Fujitsu announced proposals for 1,200 redundancies. Fujitsu employs around 12,000 people in Britain so this amounts to 10 per cent of the workforce here.


Solidarity President, Adam Walker, said:-


"Fujitsu is a big company with big profits. Yet it is laying people off, freezing wages and hacking pensions. So much for the vaunted 'partnership' that some Unions and employers talk of. All these companies are interested in is money. They have no loyalty to our people."