05/09/2009 - Promoting the Union

Solidarity recognises that we need to widen our 'circle of exposure' to sections of society as well as the general public. There are many trade unionists out there who rely upon the established Unions. They have to 'grin n' bear' their political pronouncements, political levy, fat-cat bureaucrats and political campaigns on obscure overseas issues that have nothing to do with the needs of British workers. Many of these trade unionists are non-political or are folk whose politics does not fit neatly into a left-wing 'box'.

Solidarity, however, does not discriminate politically; we are not wedded to a narrow political ideology or specific party (except our nationalism). This is not yet understood by the 'politically aware' and we aim to make this clear over the coming months.

One such initiative is to promote the
Union amongst as many potentially sympathetic audiences as possible. As such we’re particularly interested in conducting interviews with as many different groups as possible.

Solidarity General Secretary, Patrick Harrington said:
“We are neither left wing nor right wing. We are an autonomous Nationalist Union - we are simply nationalists who are deeply interested in the well-being of our fellow workers.  
Solidarity does not discriminate politically. Neither do we believe in political censorship. Therefore, we don’t mind being interviewed – or debating with – groups from right across the political spectrum. We are more than willing to put our views forward in interviews and hold our own in any debate. 
We also need to look beyond organisational names and labels. For instance, for every nationalist who baulks at the word ‘anarchist’ there’s probably an anarchist who bulks at the word ‘nationalist’. But look at the ideas of some National Anarchists. Are we really so far apart as a superficial look at our political labels would suggest?   Could there be any common denominator between us? Is there any harm in finding out?
If groups want to talk to us, that’s great. We can arrange these interviews to increase mutual understanding. If groups don’t want to talk to us – no matter what their political outlook - they will only serve to self-censor their members, supporters and readership”.
Solidarity members and supporters are asked to submit the names and contact details of any magazines or groups who may be willing to conduct such interviews. Contact us at: