19/09/2009 - Oppose TUC Totalitarianism!

SOLIDARITY TRADE UNION will stand by any member of the British National Party who is sacked from their job because of their membership of the party. 

General Secretary Patrick Harrington has re-stated the position of the autonomous Nationalist Union in the light of a motion put forward at the 2009 TUC conference held in Liverpool on 14th – 17th September. 
Here, Janice Godrich, President of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) demanded that BNP members “should be banned across the whole of the public sector”.
Mr Harrington said that Solidarity opposed the TUCs totalitarianism as a matter of principle:
“It doesn’t matter if you like the BNP or not. It's a question of rights.  Either we all have rights – or none of us has rights. It’s as simple as that.
Solidarity’s membership is open to all British and Irish workers irrespective of political and religious affiliation and cultural or ethnic background. 
We do not believe that it’s right to ban people from working just because of their political views.”
Mr Harrington also confirmed that Solidarity is already representing its members, who were also members of the BNP. 
They were sacked from their jobs on political grounds following the leak of the BNP membership list.  Several Employment Tribunals are pending. 
He continued:
“The spirit of US Senator Joe McCarthy seems to live on in the modern day TUC.  Sadly, McCarthyism - the politically motivated practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence – is alive and well here.
This Totalitarian motion proposed by the Public and Commercial Services Union must be opposed by everyone who values freedom and democracy. What they are proposing is contrary to basic Human Rights”.