27/09/2009 - TUC proposal is anti-worker

PATRICK HARRINGTON, the General Secretary of Solidarity has accused the Trades Union Congress (TUC) of being out of touch with ordinary British working people. 

His comments came after he again slammed the TUC for wanting to sack public sector workers who were members of the British National Party.
Mr. Harrington said:
“Surely the role of a trade union is to negotiate with employers over wages, work rules, hours, health and safety issues and so on.
Neither trade unions – nor employers – should be able to dictate what political party workers are allowed to join. However, this is what the TUC wants to do.
 This is the new McCarthyism - the politically motivated practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. It’s undemocratic, it’s totalitarian, it’s anti-freedom and it’s just plain wrong.”
He was particularly scathing of the individuals and unions who called for the ban. 
He said that Janice Godrich, President of the Public and Commercial Services Union, Tim Wilson, Chairman of the National Association of Probation Officers, Nick Kusak of the Professional Footballers Association, Colin Moses, President of the Prison Officers Association and NUJ delegate Tim Lezard “should hang their heads in shame”.
“This proposal is anti-worker. It represents the betrayal of ordinary working people. The TUC want to deny lawful, honest, hard working citizens from earning a living - simply because of their political beliefs.
The proposal also defies all logic. Instead of wanting to slash the dole queues the TUC want to make them longer! Because this is what’ll happen if they start kicking people out of work because of their political views.
I’m sure early patriotic British socialists like Bob Blatchford would be spinning in their grave at this turn of events”.
Mr Harrington said that he’d encourage workers to campaign against totalitarianism. 
“It doesn’t matter if a public sector worker is a member of the Labour Party, Socialist Workers Party, Conservative Party or the British National Party. They should be allowed to join and support whatever political party they like.
Defending the freedom to join or support a political party is simply a matter of principle.
We must defend the civil and religious liberties won for us over 300 years ago. Liberty and freedom should apply to everyone – not just those whom the TUC and Bosses approve of”.