09/10/2008 - Posties strike to defend future of service

SOLIDARITY TRADE UNION supports the proposed national postal strike called by the CWU. We believe that this is the only  way to draw attention to the absolute need to defend the future of the service.

Postal workers have recently been engaged in rolling strikes across Britain. These were in protest at cuts to jobs, pay and services. 
Solidarity General Secretary, Patrick Harrington said:
Royal Mail Managing Director Mark Higson seems intent on destroying the postal service. Postal workers want to improve it. 81,000 workers took part in the strike ballot. Over 61,000 voted for strike action. That’s an overwhelming majority.
It’s a very brave vote – especially in the current economic climate. That demonstrates how desperate the situation is. Solidarity supports the Postal workers 100%.  
The destruction of the postal service must be halted”.