17/11/2009 - Potter appeal dismissed

We reported on 6 August 2009 that vexatious complaints made against our Union brotherhood had been dismissed. Click on the link for the full  Certification Office decision


Far from apologising to the membership  the agents/dupes Potter, Mullen and McLinden instead submitted an appeal in an effort to cause still more disruption and divert the Union from vital work on behalf of members.


On 5 November 2009, however, a notice was sent to Potter and to the Union. It stated:-


"The appeal has been referred to his Honour Judge Peter Clark in accordance with Rule 3(7) of the Employment Appeal Tribunal Rules 2004 (as amended) and in his opinion your Notice of Appeal discloses no reasonable grounds for bringing the appeal. He states:-


I can find no arguable point of law raised in the appeal. The basis of appeal is that the Complainants are unhappy with the Certification Officers' decision.


For the above reasons the learned judge considers that this Appeal has no reasonable prospect of sucess and that, in accordance with Rule 3(7), no further action will be taken on it."


General Secretary Pat Harrington stated:- "I welcome the decision of Judge Clark. The traitors/agents/dupes involved in attacking the Union have failed and we will now examine if they have committed civil or criminal offences in the course of their campaign of disruption and lies."