20/11/2009 - Brighton Bin Strike Victory!

AT the very beginning of November we carried a news report entitled Brighton and Hove Bin Strike.  It detailed how bin men in the South East of England were going to walk out for a week to protect the terms and conditions of their employment.

Workers were angry at plans by Tory-run Brighton and Hove City Council to slash their pay by around £8,000 a year.

The entire 300-strong workforce of binmen, streetsweepers and mechanics employed by the council’s in-house CityClean refuse department voted on the strike action.  An overwhelming 94% voted in favour to start a work to rule from 5th November – followed by an all-out week long strike from Monday 9th – Sunday 15th.

The strike was both solid and a total success! 

Nearly 70 workers manned the picket lines from six in the morning to five in the evening.   They were determined to do this for the whole of the week.  However, as things turned out, this was not necessary.

The council was forced to act immediately.  By Monday evening the council made an offer to resolve the pay row.  The council workers voted on – and accepted it – on Tuesday.  They also agreed to call off any more industrial action for 21 days to allow further negotiations to take place.