11/12/2009 - Call for Armistice Day Holiday


altSOLIDARITY General Secretary Patrick Harrington has again called for a Public Holiday to mark Armistice Day.

Mr. Harrington noted that “British workers do longer hours and they get fewer public holidays than many other workers”.

Solidarity launched its campaign last year. 

Solidarity Trade Union believes that a public holiday around Armistice Day, 11 November, is only right and fitting.  It would both honour our war dead and veterans and remind us that we should strive for peace, democracy and harmony in our troubled world. It would also go some way to giving workers here a fairer number of holidays compared to others.

“Although Remembrance Day has come and gone, I feel that it’s time to reiterate our demand.  Let’s not forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

It’s even more appropriate now – for earlier this week it was announced that the 100th British soldier had been killed in Afghanistan this year”. 


"Whatever we think of involvement in conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan and the subsequent occupations we should recognise that British troops are overwhelmingly  both professional and brave."