23/12/2009 - Xmas message from our President

Solidarity Xmas MessageMerry Christmas from all at the Solidarity Trade Union, and here’s to a happy, stimulating and productive 2010! Thanks to everyone who’s been involved with our Union Brotherhood this year, whether as members, Reps, writers, allied groups like Civil Liberty or simply friends and supporters - we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

The beginning of this year was a difficult time for us. We were embroiled in vexatious complaints from an embittered, disgraced ex-President, had two main bank accounts frozen and swamped by cases of political discrimination against members and non-members largely because other Unions wouldn't entertain them. Being a Libertarian Union we pride our self in fighting ANY Just case on behalf of a member regardless of politics, race or creed.
We had grew despite all the obstacles we faced and today I am proud to say we are still growing. In a recession that has seen job losses and wage cuts this is remarkable. We have  given advice and guidance or represented members in over 100 cases many of which were this year. We have weathered the financial and bureaucratic attacks and aim to go forward next year by expanding further still.
Next year we want to increase the number of our Representatives as well as their skills and knowledge. We will be launching a special Workers Legal Fund which will raise money to obtain the best advice possible for our members. We will be offering specialist advice concerning potential and relatively new pitfalls workers face such as Bosses misusing social networking to monitor staff
I  urge all those who have not already joined the Union to do so now to ensure you have that 'insurance' policy in the event of problems at work. The country is still in a recession and many employers are looking for excuses to shed staff. We also need your financial and moral support, especially in today’s economic climate. Don't let yourself become a victim of complacency! Details can be found below.
On behalf of the Executive of Solidarity I would like to wish you all once again a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!  Eat, drink and be merry. Cheers!

Details of our plans for the new year plans  will appear online soon.



Solidarity is a Trade Union mainly concerned with disputes at work, redundancy payments, unfair dismissal and discrimination. It covers all industry sectors so any worker can join. Membership subs are just £5 a month or £60 a year. You can join on line at or request an application pack by email from [email protected]