20/06/2007 - * Call for an EGM *

Some BNP members have asked why advertising had been suspended for the Solidarity Trade Union. The answer is that an unconstitutional attempt has been made to remove General Secretary Pat Harrington from his position, and to replace him with an unknown individual from Liverpool whose involvement in the BNP has extended to just a few weeks - during which time the local organiser and activists concluded from his behaviour that he could well be a Marxist agent provocateur.
  Both the BNP and Third Way leadership agree that there are a number of pointers which strongly suggest that Solidarity has been the subject of a far-left sabotage bid, involving several individuals working as a team. If so, as one would expect under such circumstances, it is no surprise that one or two other essentially decent people have been duped by them and their allegations against other members of the union. We note with concern that Tim Hawke continues to refuse to sign first year accounts so that these can be submitted to the Certification Officer in time. This is despite the fact that the accounts were prepared by an accountant and have been independently and professionally audited by a Barrister and Kenny Smith (head of BNP admin).
 We feel it is no coincidence that this attempt to subvert the union's constitution and to set real nationalists against each other has been launched on the eve of a planned major push for new members. Equally, we are so convinced of the huge potential for Solidarity that both the BNP and Third Way are united in agreeing to continue to push Solidarity forward as quickly as possible.
  We agree that the most important step forward for Solidarity organisationally is to expand its Executive from three to seven members, with one of the new members from Third Way and three from the BNP.  We also agree that Mr Harrington is the best person to build and lead the Union forward as part of this wider team (including loyal and competent BNP members).
  We call on Clive Potter and Tim Hawke to co-operate in making the necessary changes. We in particular call on all members of Solidarity to demand that an Emergency General Meeting be held on Saturday, July 14, 2007 where the Executive can be enlarged from three to seven and the recent disruption can be resolved. We also urge all BNP and Third Way members who are in jobs and professions which are or should be unionised to join the union straight away. If, as we suspect, there has been a takeover bid, then it both shows how much the far-left fear the idea of a nationalist trade union, and shows how important it is that as many people as possible join at once in order to secure Solidarity in safe hands. We note that the membership details of all new members will totally secure, you can join via Paypal at
 Solidarity members should email: [email protected] stating that they want an EGM or write to the General Secretary (Pat Harrington) at Room 407, 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD.