28/03/2010 - BA:- Intimidation and Discrimination

“I FEEL that this action is a clear case of intimidation and discrimination.”

That was the view of Solidarity Executive member Simone Clarke when she heard that British Airways had permanently revoked the travel privileges of striking cabin crew staff.

Cabin crew who took part in last week’s three-day strike have just received letters telling them they are losing their perks.  And it looks like BA will continue to use this strong-arm tactic again.  Many workers regard it as an attempt to intimidate staff – a tactic designed to make them afraid to take part in any future industrial action.



Ms. Clarke said that this draconian action seemed to typify the macho-management style of BA boss, Willie Walsh.



She said that British Airways should give the travel privileges back to its staff immediately.  It should also lift the threat to revoke privileges in the event of more strikes.  “Management and workers then need to sit down until a deal can be thrashed out.”


Returning to the question of travel privileges, Simone continued:


“I can’t believe BA undertook this blatent act of discrimination.  There’s no way that you can act like this.  Employers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate for or against those employees who do or do not take part in industrial action".