30/03/2010 - BA: Scabs and strike-breakers

BA is paying scabs a small fortune in an attempt to break the cabin crew strike. More than 13,000 low-paid cabin crew continued a second solid strike against job cuts and pay freezes. Our Union Brothers and Sisters have revealed that pilots scabbing as flight attendants are being paid a staggering £166 per hour. They can also claim up to £200 in expenses.

Pilots already get a £120,000 salaries yet a BA cabin crew worker - even with five years' experience - earns barely £15,000 a year.

On the political front NuLab have once again taken an anti-Union line. Gordon Brown has again intervenedin the dispute to declare that the government was "being very tough about this strike".

"We have said that it is not in the public interest and we don't think it's in the workers' interest,"
he said.


He has, of course, said nothing on the macho strike-breaking tactics employed by BA or the employment of scabs. Are they really still called the 'Labour' Party?
Despite these underhand tactics support for the strike remains strong. Unite leader Tony Woodley revealed that an "unprecedented" 2 per cent levy would be added to almost two million members' subs for the next three months to raise up to £700,000 to support the BA strikers. We call on those workers taking bribes to break the strike to change their ways. What they do now will be remembered.