04/04/2010 - Rail strike injunction: Unions reballot

On Thursday a High Court Judge granted an injunction preventing next week's nationwide walkout by 5,000 Network Rail (NR) signal workers. He cited "balloting irregularities" in support of his action.

The signallers were set to be joined by maintenance workers and supervisors in a fightback against the firm's huge job cuts.

NR operations director Robin Gisby whined that "striking is in no-one's interest - the union's militant approach has no place in modern Britain."

The RMT Union has vowed that the union would reballot its members. White-collar rail union TSSA leader Gerry Doherty backed the RMT and pledged to reballot its members to ensure that supervisors could continue to strike alongside signallers and maintenance workers.

Solidarity supports the strike which is vital to save jobs and prevent cuts which will endanger passenger safety. The eve of the General Election would be an appropriate time for all workers to indicate their oppostion to the Bosses agenda of wage and job cuts.



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