14/04/2010 - Lib Dem Manifesto threatens big cuts

At the launch of the Liberal Democrat manifesto Leader Clegg demanded public spending cuts of £15 billion - with more to come. The manifesto promised a cap on pay rises in the public sector for at least the next two years, plus an ominous promise to "reform" of public-sector pensions "to ensure they are sustainable and affordable."

Mr Clegg also called for the axeing of thousands of Civil Service jobs at the Ministry of Defence.

Vince Cable continued this doom and gloom message for working folk by emphasing that welfare payments "will have to be cut" in addition to "tough discipline" on public-sector pay.

Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity said:-

"Clegg and Cable want to make workers pay for the recession the bankers made. This is unacceptable. Any attack on pensions or pay from any Party should be resisted. Workers should strike before the General Election to send a warning shot accross the bows of these political axemen."

He went on, however, to welcome suggestions from the Lib Dems introduce a system whereby trade union members chose which political party their individual donations would go to:-

"I like the idea that Trade Unions should donate to Parties only in proportion to the party preferences expressed by their members. In fact it is such a good application of democratic principle that I would like shareholders in companies to have the same rights!"


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