14/04/2009 - Tory manifesto promises cuts

altAt the launch of the Tory manifesto at London's Battersea Power Station Leader Cameron threatened vicious spending cuts and severe curbs on pay.

During a short question and answer session with the media, Cameron refused to give voters any details of the big spending cuts planned by his party.

He said only:- "We will start earlier, we will cut faster and further than Labour."

The Tory manifesto calls for a public-sector pay-freeze for one year in 2011, "excluding the one million lowest-paid workers."

In an extension of new Labour policies, the sick and the poor would face a severe attack on benefits. All existing incapacity benefit claimants would be reassessed with those newly classified as "fit to work" being transferred to jobseekers' allowance (which pays a lower rate).


Pat Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity, commented:-

"There is little to choose between the three establishment Parties. All three want to make the workers pay for the recession that the bankers made. They are all spoiling for a fight with the Unions promising cuts and pay-freezes. All workers must unite to resist these attacks whoever wins the General Election."






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