14/04/2010 - Labour Manifesto: workers to pay for crisis made by bankers

altThe launch of the NuLab Manifesto shows that they are friends of big business and the banks and not working people according to Pat Harrington, the General Secretary of Solidarity. He says:-


"Darling boasts that he will cut public spending even more deeply than Margaret Thatcher. He wants workers to pay for the crisis made by the bankers."

"The NuLab government set aside £1.3 trillion to bail out the banks, driving up the national debt to do so. The Bank of England has made our money available to the banks at 0.5 per cent. Brown pledges to reduce the public debt caused by the banks by raising £11 billion through public-sector 'efficiency savings', £4 billion by trimming public-sector pay and pensions and £5 billion from what he calls non-priority public-sector areas."


"Brown has also vowed to continue the failed Blairite "reform" agenda for public services. This means that private contractors will continue to loot public money through PFI contracts."

 "Ignore the deluded talk from some Unions, Labour's manifesto shows that, whichever party wins the election, workers will have to fight  to defend jobs, pay, conditions and our essential public services."



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