22/04/2010 - STUC conference attacks civil liberties

There was a desperate and vicious attack on civil liberties at the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) conference held recently in Dundee. The STUC have called for a ban on British National Party (BNP) members working in any capacity in the public services.

STUC black workers conference delegate Nazerin Wardrop said:
"How could we allow members of this party to carry on working in public services?"

"We are delighted that they are banned from employment in the police and prison services, however we must extend this ban to provision of all public services by members of this fascist party."

Kev Scott of the Campaign group Civil Liberty said:- "Nazerin is very ill-informed and misguided. History teaches us that when you give the State power to attack one group it i as not long before it uses it against others. Look at the Public Order Act. This was brought in to curtail Mosley and his Blackshirts but it has been used against Trade Union, striking miners etc since. She should be more wary of giving the State such powers."

Patrick Harrington, General Secretary of Solidarity Trade Union, commented:-

"Nazerin is acting like a Fascist. She is seeking to deny people employment not for any behaviour at work but for simply belonging to a legitimate Political Party. Like it or not the BNP are a legal Party.  What she is suggesting would be illegal under the European Convention on Human Rights."

"Far from extending the ban we should be reversing the existing bans in the police and prison services. It was a big mistake to bring them in. Far from placating extreme elements they have encouraged them to make ever more unreasonable demands. They are an attack on fundamental rights and freedoms and an affront to democratic, pluralist values. In particular they aim to limit freedom of expression, belief and association without justification. Our Union urges members of the BNP and all those who believe in democracy to leave those Unions which oppose freedom. Stop giving them your hard-earned money. Our Brotherhood will represent and defend members of any Party and none. Many Unions have lost sight of their true function - to provide representation, advice and guidance to working people and to improve pay and conditions. If your Union is more interested in what is happening in Cuba (or other diversionary topics)  than in your workplace I suggest you vote with your feet!"


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