25/04/2010 - Union Strategy of Tension?

SOLIDARITY National Executive member Mark Walker believes that the establishment unions have been pursuing a "strategy of tension" in the run up to the General Election on Thursday 6th May.

“My fellow National Executive member and comrade David Kerr has shown how the establishment unions have been largely successful in keeping a lid on all industrial disputes.
This is in stark contrast to the period just before the election date was announced. Here there was a lot of shouting and posturing by the unions.
 I believe that this was some form of strategy of tension.” 
Expanding on his ideas, Mr. Walker said that it was probably their way of punishing Gordon Brown for not delivering on previous election promises.
“However, I think they panicked when it looked like David Cameron and the Tories – also known as Lord Snooty and his pals – were heading for a landslide victory.
That’s why all their shouting and posturing stopped. 
Let’s not forget that these establishment unions bankroll Nu Labour to the tune of millions of pounds.   Surely they want something for their money? That’s why they’ve now got down to the serious business of trying to get Brown re-elected.”
Mr. Walker said that Unite in particular was working feverishly on behalf of Nu Labour. They’ve even set up a special web-site Unite 4 Labour, a virtual phone bank and a section which allows people to download special election material.
“It appears that Unite’s Political Department is working overtime here. 
If Brown does get re-elected, Unite will say ‘you owe us big time’. They’ll then hold meetings behind closed doors. Nu Labour will be squeezed until the pips squeak. But what will they demand? What will be the ‘pay back’?
I don’t think it’ll be anything trade union-related – like protecting jobs and services. Sadly, I think it’ll be more along political lines – like trying to further restrict the civil liberties of those trade unionists who don’t toe the PC liberal-leftist line. They may well crank up their policy of New McCarthyism”.
If Mr. Walker is right, Solidarity Trade Union will continue to oppose any form of political vetting in employment. Discrimination is discrimination – no matter what way it’s dressed up as.   This policy of New McCarthyism is nakedly political. Iit’s an attempt to intimidate workers from exercising their democratic rights of freedom of expression and association. It has nothing to do with how people actually perform their job.
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