13/06/2010 - New national leaflet coming soon!

ON WEDNESDAY, we provided an update on Solidarity, the union’s agitprop-style ‘street’ publication.   Issue 1 is just a couple of weeks away from production.  It’ll be posted up on this site first – so keep your eyes peeled!


We’re also working on a new national leaflet, You and the Bankers’ Swindle.  It’s the brain-child of one of our Scottish members.  This hard-hitting leaflet would “list the devastating consequences of the financial meltdown for people's livelihoods”.

The final draft of You and the Bankers’ Swindle is currently being worked on.  A comrade from Essex is providing the artwork.  We anticipate that this new leaflet will be available towards the end of this month or very early July. 


Once again it will be launched via this site.  In the meantime, we’d encourage all members and supporters to spread the word about this forthcoming leaflet.