27/08/2010- London Underground Strike Looms

Thousands of workers on the London Underground will go on strike next month in a desperate attempt to save jobs.
Maintenance and engineering workers will begin their first 24-hour strike on 6 September, with further strikes on 3 October, 2 November and 28 November.  Station and revenue staff, operational managers, drivers and signallers will also start their first 24-hour strike on 6 September.  Further strikes will coincide with those of the maintenance and engineering workers.
An indefinite overtime ban will also be brought into effect.  This will involve up to 10,000 Tube workers.
The dispute is in response to plans by Transport for London (TfL) – which is run by the mayor’s office – to axe 800 posts at London Underground stations and ticket offices, which the unions claim will compromise operational and passenger safety on the network.
It’s claimed that the cuts will undermine the safety and service for the travelling public.  Solidarity supports the proposed strikes.  The London Underground is an integral part of Britain’s transport system – and should be seen as a vital public service.