Solidarity’s Armistice Day Message: You’ve had our Blood – now give us our rights!

“WITH Armistice Day (11th November) fast approaching, it’s appropriate that at least one trade union speaks out in support of Britain’s servicemen and women.”


Adam Walker,

President, Solidarity Trade Union.



SOLIDARITY is a free, autonomous and radical nationalist trade union.  Our priority is defending the rights of our members and workers generally.  Therefore, we’re primarily interested in subjects like wages, working conditions, health and safety and so on.


We realise that there is a fine line between basic trade union work and politics.  But we don’t cross that line. 


However, in a personal message just prior to Armistice Day, STU President Adam Walker has attacked the Con-Dem government’s attitude to returning servicemen and women.


Mr. Walker – who served in the 15th/19th King's Royal Hussars – said that many service personnel were facing an uncertain future. 


“They have laid their lives on the line for this country.  Yet what are they returning to?  A bankrupt Britain – where jobs, housing and money are in short supply.


Those that remain in the services may see their jobs go as part of the deep military spending cuts.


Many of those who leave the services will bear the physical and mental scars from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.  With the NHS facing savage cuts, who will care for them?”


Mr. Walker noted:


Remembrance Day honours the sacrifice countless thousands of Britons made in two world wars and more recent conflicts.  As Solidarity is Britain’s only nationalist trade union, it’s fitting that we pay homage to their noble sacrifice.”


He continued:


“On a personal note, I’d like to see more being done for ex-service personnel.  For instance, everyone has the right to a decent home.  What about the government setting up a scheme whereby those returning from the front-line can build their own homes?  This would create jobs.  They should then be allowed to buy these homes at cost.  This would at least enable them to set down genuine roots in their local community.


I’d also be interested in what Solidarity members and supporters feel about the idea of setting aside jobs for our returning servicemen and women.  Remember, they have shed blood for Britain and have served our country with distinction.  Should they not have the right to come out to a guaranteed job at the end of their service?


My message to the government – on behalf of all ex-servicemen and women is: You’ve had our Blood – now give us our rights! ”