29/11/2010 - Education Madness!

THE Con-Dem government’s idea to increase student tuition fees is absolute madness.  Raising them to around £9,000 will effectively kill off any chance for a student from a lower or middle-income background to go on to study at university. 

The Tories and Liberal Democrats prattle on endlessly about ‘opportunities for all’ and creating a ‘fairer’ society.  However, in this case, their actions speak louder than words.  On the one hand they talk of encouraging students to go on to further education.  On the other, they’re slashing the only means some have of doing so!

And instead of creating their ‘fairer’ and ‘just’ society, all they’re doing is widening the gap between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots!’  As trade unionists, this is something we must oppose.


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