09/12/2010 - Statement to Members




Income and Expenditure

The total income of the union for the period was £23,052. This amount included payments of £17,744 in respect of membership of the union. The union’s total expenditure for the period was £27,997. The union does not maintain a political fund.

Salary paid to and other benefits provided to the General Secretary, President and members of the Executive

The General Secretary of the union was paid £2521 in respect of salary. The President was paid £2521 in respect of salary.

Irregularity statement

A member who is concerned that some irregularity may be occurring, or have occurred, in the conduct of the financial affairs of the union may take steps with a view to investigating further, obtaining clarification and, if necessary, securing regularisation of that conduct.

The member may raise any such concern with such one or more of the following as it seems appropriate to raise it with: the officials of the union, the trustees of the property of the union, the auditor or auditors of the union, the Certification Officer (who is an independent officer appointed by the Secretary of State) and the police.

Where a member believes that the financial affairs of the union have been or are being conducted in breach of the law or in breach of the rules of the union and contemplates bringing civil proceedings against the union or  responsible officials or trustees, he should consider obtaining independent legal advice.


(see notes 81 to 86)
made in accordance with section 36 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.


Independent Auditor’s Report to the Members of Solidarity

We have audited the Annual Return on Pages 4 to 19, which has been prepared in accordance with
the historical cost convention, and the accounting policies set out on pages 20.

This report is made solely to the union’s members, as a body. Our audit work has been undertaken, so that we might state to the union’s members those matters we are required to state to them in an auditor’s report and for no other purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept responsibility to anyone other than the union and the union’s members as a body, for our audit work, for this report, or for the opinions we have formed.

Respective responsibilities of the Executive Committee and auditors

As described in the Statement of Executive Committee’s Responsibilities, on page 3, the unions Executive Committee are responsible for the preparation of the Annual Return in accordance with applicable law and United Kingdom accounting Standards.

Our responsibility is to audit the Annual Return in accordance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and International Standards on Auditing (UK and Ireland).

We report to you our opinion as to whether the Annual Return gives a true and fair view and is properly prepared in accordance with the Trade Union and Labour Relation (Consolidation) Act 1992. We also report to you if the Union has not kept proper accounting records, or if we have not received all the information and explanations we require for our audit.

Basis of Audit Opinion

We conducted our audit in accordance with United Kingdom auditing Standards issued by the Auditing Practices Board.  An audit includes examination, on a test basis, of evidence relevant to the amounts and disclosures in the Annual Return. It also includes an assessment of the significant estimates and judgements made by the Executive Committee in the preparation of the Annual Return, and of whether the accounting policies are appropriate to the Union’s circumstance, consistently applied and adequately disclosed.

We planned and performed our audit so as to obtain all the information and explanations which we considered necessary in order to provide us with sufficient evidence to give reasonable assurance that the Annual Return is free from material misstatement, whether caused by fraud or other irregularity or error. In forming our opinion we also evaluated the overall adequacy of the presentation of information in the Annual Return.

We have undertaken the audit in accordance with the requirements of APB Ethical Standards including APB Ethical Standard – Provision Available for Smaller Entities, in the circumstances set out in note 5 to the Annual Return.


In our opinion the Annual Return:

  -  Give a true and fair view of the state of the Union’s affairs at 31st  December 2009 and of its deficit for  
      the year then ended.

-  Comply with the requirements of Section 28 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation)
     Act 1992.

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Statutory Auditors and Chartered Accountant          
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