14/12/2010 - Shadow Cabinet of Millionaires

IN an article earlier this month we noted that 18 of the 23 full-time Con-Dem cabinet members have seven-figure fortunes.  Collectively they’re worth around £50m.  

Therefore, we suggested that the government’s mantra of “we’re all in this together” was a little bit hypocritical to say the very least.  After all, it’s hardly fair   to suggest that millionaires have it as rough as those currently being thrown onto the scrapheap because of the spending cuts!

However, such super wealth is not just limited to the Tories and Liberal-Democrats in the Cabinet.  It can be found in the ranks of the Shadow Labour Cabinet as well!

According to some media reports, new Labour leader “Red Ed” Miliband is a millionaire.  (Apparently, he inherited a share of a multi-million pound property from his ‘Marxist’ father, Ralph).

Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper, Harriet Harman (privately educated at St Paul’s girls school), Baroness Scotland, Liam Byrne (a former investment banker at Rothschild) Shaun Woodward (whose property empire includes a castle) also make the Labour rich list.

As we mentioned in our initial article (Are we really all in this together? of 04/12/2010) we’re not opposed to people having money.  In fact, who wouldn’t want to be millionaire?  Indeed, we noted at the time, that “as a trade union it’s our job to secure the best wages for our members.  And as nationalists, we’re not into class war.”

However, as trade unionists we feel angry that so-called ‘socialists’ like Miliband and Co. have sold so many workers down the river.  The Labour Party that our parents and grandparents voted for used to have a fine radical tradition.  But the memory of its founding fathers – patriotic socialists like Keir Hardie and Bob Blatchford – has well and truly been shafted.

With all these millionaires floating around in parliament, it’s easy to see why the Tories, Liberal-Democrats and the Labour Party are so out of touch with ordinary British workers.