23/12/2010 - Despite rising unemployment, Scottish Parliamentary Committee calls for more immigration

IN A MOVE that can only be described as political correctness at its barmiest, the Scottish Parliament’s “Equal Opportunities” committee has called for a drive to make Scotland a more attractive place for immigrants to come to and to convince Scots of the “benefits” of migration, reports the Daily Mail of 15/12/10.  It also wishes a taxpayer funded publicity drive to “dispel myths” about immigrants.  This comes on top of official figures that reveal that the foreign-born population of Scotland has increased by more than 50% over the last five years to stand at a massive 312,000.

If this stance is adopted as official Scottish Executive policy then it will lead it into direct opposition to the Westminster Con-Dem coalition’s much vaunted immigration “Cap”.  An Executive spokesman was non-committal saying: “We note the publication of this report and are currently considering its findings”.

While “considering” the findings of this report, the Scottish Executive should also consider the following:

*  The Scottish Building Federation are predicting that more than 11,000 jobs will be lost next year in that sector.  This is in addition to the 42,000 jobs lost in the building trade over the past two years.

*  Youth unemployment in Scotland stands at 36,200 which is a 12 year high.  In the 16-24 age range, 7,360 Scots had been unemployed for 6 months or more in September according to figures compiled for The Prince’s Trust and Royal Bank of Scotland.

*  This is the second Christmas in a row on the dole for more than 20,000 adults in Scotland who have been claiming benefits for 12 months or more, according to figures from the Scottish TUC.

So does Scotland really need more immigrants to compete for scarcer jobs?

Solidarity says that the Scottish Executive should be focusing its efforts on getting unemployed Scots back into work.

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