05/02/2011 - Oppose ConDem attacks on employment rights

The ConDem coalition is beginning to flex its' muscles and are following a Tory ideological aversion (with Lib Dem support) to employee rights.
They are proposing under a Employers Charter to 'raise the bar' for protection against unfair dismissal from one years service to two. This will mean thousands of more workers will be dismissed unfairly and there will be nothing they can do! They are also proposing to force those who will still be able to claim to lodge a deposit of cash into Court to be forfeited in the event they lose their case! In reality this will mean that many workers will not be anble to afford such a deposit and will have to give up seeking their rights.
The Government sees these measures as a way of paying back their big-business backers post election. Solidarity however will not take this lying down and we will be launching a campaign in support of retaining existing employment rights. Please sign our petition to get the ball rolling!