21/12/2011 - Get your free copy of 'British Worker'

ISSUE 5 of ‘British Worker’ is out now!  
Members and supporters of Solidarity Trade Union can get hold of it simply by e-mailing [email protected] and asking for their FREE pdf copy.
As we noted late last month, ‘British Worker’ will now appear in agit-prop form (as will our proposed national, regional and trade-based publications).
We spoke to one of the team who helped produce ‘British Worker’.  He said:
“This is our first agit-prop style publication for the union and we’re really delighted with the result.  Whilst there’s always room for improvement, everyone involved in the production of this issue should be congratulated. 

It’s aimed at ordinary British working families, who’d normally read the ‘Sun’, or ‘Mirror’.  Thus, it’s very ‘populist’ in tone.  Articles are tight, punchy and to the point.  It’ll concentrate on ‘bread and butter’ issues.”
He confirmed that the first few issues of ‘British Worker’ would be largely experimental and published on an ad-hoc basis.  
“First of all, we need to concentrate on the style, identity and ‘image’ of the paper.  There’s dozens of publications out there all claiming to speak for the working class.  The vast majority of these would be leftist publications.  Therefore, we need to ensure that ‘British Worker’ stands out from crowd.  

Once we’ve done this, we’ll be concentrating on producing ‘British Worker’ on a regular basis.  We’re probably looking at quarterly or bi-monthly at first.  However, our dream is to have a daily ‘British Worker’. 

Can you imagine the effect a daily patriotic, pan-nationalist and inter-nationalist working class paper will have?  It’d give ordinary British workers a really powerful voice.  I’m sure that both the capitalists and communists will have nightmares just thinking about it!”
A daily ‘British Worker’ may be a long way off yet.  However, Solidarity Trade Union soon hopes to be in a position to provide the means to distribute hard copies of the paper.  We’ll let our members and supporters know more about that in due course – so keep your eyes peeled!
In the meantime, we’d encourage everyone to get hold of their FREE pdf copy of the new-look ‘British Worker’.  
We also welcome constructive criticism, suggestions and any offers of help with the production of future issues.  We particularly need to start building a network of those who can help out in any way with the vast number of national, regional and trade-based publications that we have in mind.
THE NEW ‘agit-prop’ issue of British Worker is out now!  To get hold of it, simply e-mail [email protected] and ask for your FREE pdf copy!