15/01/2012 - Ulster Bank Job Losses

YEARS AGO there was an old saying that noted that if you were lucky enough to get a job in the banking industry, you had a job for life.  However, workers at Ulster Bank will be able to tell you another story.  For they’ve just been told that around 1000 of them will be laid off during the course of this year.

Ulster Bank operates in both Ulster and Eire and is subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS).  On Thursday (January 12) it announced that 600 jobs would go in the Irish Republic and 350 would be lost across Northern Ireland.  Some of these could go via compulsory redundancies.

At this early stage it’s not known if the latest job cuts will lead to any branch closures.

This is the second wave of massive jobs cuts to hit Ulster Bank.  In 2009, RBS cut the Ulster Bank workforce by 1000.

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