Union help for non-members

Fixed Fee Representation3Solidarity Trade Union is often approached by workers who are desperate for help at work but have never previously been in a union. This is often because they work in workplaces where Unions are not active. Most have never experienced problems at the workplace either. It can be a very stressful time for them and come as something of a shock.


Unfortunately, almost all Trade Unions refuse to help non-members or existing members within a ‘probationary’ period which can last three to six months. It is an understandable policy. Representation is costly. There is no guarantee that a new member will stay and union funds will be depleted and that is not fair on existing members.





The worker in trouble often has nowhere to turn. Often they work in a 'non-union' workplace and their employer knows how vulnerable the individual is. Solicitors (who cannot attend workplace disciplinary hearings) will charge a small fortune for advice and much more to take matters to a Tribunal. But there is assistance at hand as we at Solidarity are determined to help where we can!


Anyone who joins can be offered advice and that is often enough. Anyone with an existing problem who wants representation (which is required in most cases) can receive it if they join and pay for the representation (which like our fees is very inexpensive).

We assist new members all the time and some of the cases brought against workers are sad, bad and sometimes outrageous.




  • A Prison Officer was accused of inappropriate behaviour but a Solidarity Rep's plea allowed him another chance.
  • A Manager was 'framed' by a colleague to avoid their own disciplinary. Only after a forensic investigation by a Solidarity Rep did the new member avoid dismissal.
  • A cleaner was owed holiday and other pay. After a series of grievance meetings attended by a Solidarity Rep they were paid.
  • A catering assistant was discriminated against and with Solidarity's help eventually obtained a pay-out.
  • A pub/restaurant Manager was disciplined on a number of incidents/performance. Instead of a series of disciplinary hearings, Solidarity got them consolidated into one, and dismissal was prevented.

There are many more examples of our union representation making a difference.


A trade union, at its heart, is an insurance policy for individual workers to protect them from injustice at work. The law recognises this and restricts representation to work colleagues and unions.





Solidarity is proud to have helped workers, from whatever background, from whatever industry, to obtain justice. We shall continue to help more as we grow. If you find yourself in trouble at work join Solidarity.

The easiest way to join is online. We have set up a monthly and annual subscription plan.


If you would like to pay monthly please click here


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Or send a cheque for £96 for annual membership to or request a Standing Order Mandate fee (£8 per month) from Solidarity, Room 407. 12 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1DD.


Ring Graham Williamson on 07970 455445 and we can start to help.