04/10/2007 - TUC: - 'Scabs are us'

The TUC has called for Trade Unionists to ignore the new independent Union’s (Solidarity) action in support of one of its members, including crossing any picket line (see TUC Press Release 6/9 'No solidarity with the BNP' from Kevin Rowan - Regional Secretary)
Solidarity has supported one of its members (suspended Teacher Mark Walker) in a dispute with his employer over Internet use at work. Because Mr. Walker also happens to be a member of the British National Party some TUC bureaucrats have a political bias which is in conflict with traditional Union values in encouraging the breaking of picket lines.
A Solidarity spokesman commented: -
"Solidarity will respect the picket lines of other Trade Unions. We regard anyone crossing an official Union picket line to work or provide services as a Scab. The attitude of some other Unions and the TUC in lining up behind the employer is a disgrace. They have forgotten whose side they are meant to be on."
"This is yet another indication of the depths to which the TUC has sunk when they refuse to defend workers and even their own members if they disagree with their personal political position. Solidarity refuses to go along with this New McCarthyism. We fight for the rights of our members regardless of their individual political positions. We shall continue to support the rights of our members and will continue to assist Mr. Walker in his case. Anyone thinking of crossing a Solidarity picket line should examine their conscience and think again."