06/10/2007 - Praise for RMT!!!

We have our criticisms of Bob Crow and the RMT (rail, maritime and transport) Union but they were spot on with the resolution they put to TUC conference in September.
They rightly pointed out that nothing had changed between the current draft and the previous one. It is the old rejected constittution smuggled back with a few cosmetic changes. Their resolution specifically noted that the constittuion would:-
"consolidate the single market and the drive to privatise public services".
They went on to point out that:-
"At the 2005 General Election all three main political parties promised a referendum on such changes". Now it seems that Labour has changed its mind.
The TUC once again failed British Workers. They rejected the RMT resolution which called for a 'no' vote in the referendum but did pass another resolution backing a referendum. The TUC has failed to take a clear stand on the issue.
Our view is that the EU constitution would further entrench an economic policy which runs counter to the interests of British workers.
The treaty demands the "progressive suppression of all restrictions on international trade and investment." It states that the unaccountable European Central Bank has the sole duty of combating inflation. It commits the EU to NATO. It gives the unelected  European Commission the power to force through the privatisation of essential services..

All Unions should campaign for a referendum and for a 'No' vote in it.