06/10/2007 - Posties deserve our support

Our postal service is under attack. The Post Office, with backing from the government, has just earmarked 180 post offices to close under its plan to shut 2,500 by the end of next year..
Post workers have been offered a 6.7% pay increase over two years (a pay cut when inflation is taken into account). And there are strings attached. They would have to accept far worse conditions.
Flexible attendance, changes to shift times, stopping payments for delivering leaflets, annualised hours, a worse redundancy package and a rotten pension deal.
New Labour has encouraged Royal Mail management throughout. Yet the CWU Union contributed £735,000 to the Labour Party between 2002 and 2005. We must ask: what have they got in return?
We instruct all Solidarity members in Royal Mail to support the strike action and all Solidarity members are expected to respect CWU picket lines. This could be a long dispute. Because of our political differences with the CWU leadership they may return donations or refuse our support. We should still hold workplace collections and give donations. These should be attributed to groups of workers or individuals and not linked with Solidarity. We should also support demonstrations as individuals (no banners or badges). It is important that we do the right thing and support our Brothers Just fight even if their leadership is corrupt.