17/112007 - Mark Walker Fund Update

The political witch-hunt taking place at Sunnydale College, Co. Durham,  where popular local teacher Mark Walker has been suspended and questioned on his political affiliations, is more than a local 'quirk'.
As a Trades Union Solidarity takes the 'libertarian' view that its members and indeed all worker's political affiliations, are of no concern to us and nor should it be of interest to bosses.  In the recent Queen's Speech, however, the Government has said its new Employment Bill would amend trade union membership laws so that unions will be able to "expel members on the basis of their membership of a political party" thus endorsing the introduction of political bias into the workplace.
Now, It is clear that Mark Walker is being discriminated against because of his membership of a political party. Local Labour bosses are of course happy to see their schools become political battlegrounds but if the above new law comes on the Statute Books we can expect to see more of the same. That is why the fund to provide Mark with legal guidance and representation is so important. One day, if your face doesn't fit and the local 'establishment' comes for you, what we do now may make the difference!
The Fund is designed to help fight Mark's case to ensure he receives proper legal representation and help. Some of the comments accompanying donations explain why we must not give up the fight!
"I am a member of the Union and for the time being also the TWGU. I was annoyed to hear what the bosses are doing to Mark. I know that no Union other than Solidarity will lift a finger to help. I am therefore sending a bit this month and the same every month if I can afford it. Keep up the good work! -
"I enclose a small donation. Saw your appeal printed off by one of your members. What a mess this country's got itself in. Sacked (suspended - Ed) because of his political views? Smacks of Big Brother. Fight these fascists and protect liberty in the workplace!" Les - South Shields
"Whats the guy done wrong? I'm a student and hope to teach but it concerns me that my employer would snoop on on my beliefs or leisure time. All my lecturers spend time surfing the net but then again their politics fits in with their bosses! Here's £5 maybe one day when I'm Education Secretary I can help more!" - Student.
Many of the donations are presently coming from outside the Union. We urge all our Union brothers to get behind Mark. If every Union member sent a donation of just £5 or £10 the fund would be greatly boosted. An injury to one is an injury to all!
Use the PayPal link on the right of this page to contribute by credit or debit card or send your donation by post to: Solidarity Trade Union , PO Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN.  Cheques should be made payable to 'Solidarity' but enclose a card or letter indicating it is for the Mark Walker fund.