01/11/2007 - Anger at CWU finance for NuLab

According to the Electoral Commission, between February and June this year the postal workers’ Union (CWU) donated £277,627 to the Labour Party. In the week of the first postal strike in June, the Labour Party accepted £3,500 from the CWU to help pay for its leadership contest. Within days Brown was condemning the postal workers and telling parliament that their union must show restraint. NuLab has wholeheartedly embraced privatisation. 

No wonder that CWU members are opting out of the Union political fund. At a mass meeting during an unofficial postal strike in East London, the greatest cheer went to the rep who said she would take forms to leave the political fund around all her workmates at the end of the dispute. "There must be no more money for Gordon Brown" she declared. 

Anger against Labour is rising. The CWU leadership is unlikely to revise the way its political fund is used. The deep crisis in the CWU union is focused on its political fund but indicates much wider troubles in the relationship between the unions and the Labour Party.  

Solidarity General Secretary, Pat Harrington, commented: - 

"Posties contributing to the political fund of the CWU are effectively bankrolling their enemies. Brown and NuLab have made it quite clear whose side they are on. Don't give them another penny - opt out now. Think about why your Union leadership is signing these cheques and whether they really have your interests at heart."