19/06/2014 - Orgreave - 30 years on the Miners wait for Justice

orgreaveIt is nearly 30 years since police violently attacked striking miners at the notorious 'Battle of Orgreave'. On June 18, 1984 thousands of police attacked miners who had been picketing Orgreave cokeworks in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Police were forced to pay out half a million pounds to 39 miners who were arrested in the events at the Battle of Orgreave.

The miners are still waiting for full Justice, however. South Yorkshire Police, which organised the Orgreave attack, has referred itself to the Independent Police Complaints Commission which has spent 18 months on a “scoping exercise” into whether or not it will investigate.The delay has prompted protests at its offices in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

The battle inspired the Dire Straits song "Iron Hand".

The lyrics are below.

Dire Straits – Iron Hand Lyrics

With all the clarity of dream
The sky so blue, the grass so green
The rank and file and the navy blue
The deep and strong, the straight and true

The blue line they got the given sign
The belts and boots march forward in time
The wood and leather the club and shield
Swept like a wave across the battlefield

Now with all the clarity of dream
The blood so red, the grass so green
The gleam of spur on chestnut flank
The cavalry did burst upon the ranks

Oh the iron will and iron hand
In England's green and pleasant land
No music for the shameful scene
That night they said it had even shocked the queen

Well alas we've seen it all before
Knights in armor, days of yore
The same old feasance and the same old crimes
We haven't changed since ancient times