20/11/2007 - Results of Solidarity Executive Elections

The independent Scrutineer has now declared the result of our Union elections. His report will be made available on our web page. This is a summary.
The number of voting papers distributed for the purposes of the election was 149.
The number of voting papers returned to the scrutineer was 93, 3 were received on the 20th and were therefore out of time and not counted.
The number of valid votes cast in the election for each candidate was as follows:
Garry Aronsson  73
Simone Clarke  78
David Durant  76
David Kerr  63
Lindsey Nieuwhof 54
Mark Walker  79
There were no spoiled or otherwise invalid voting papers returned. One objection to the election was sent by a member to the independent scrutineer.
As a result, Garry Aronsson, Simone Clarke, David Durant, David Kerr and Mark Walker were elected to the Solidarity Executive for a period of five years. Pat Harrington and Adam Walker were elected nem con as General Secretary and President respectively