16/04/2014 - Our NHS is not safe in ConDem hands

A new survey of almost 3,000 nurses from across the UK reveals a health service under severe strain, with 65% of staff saying that they did not h

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16/04/2014 - Alex Salmond dodges questions from Trade Unionists

Alex Salmond is a good speaker but not so deft at answering questions. Yesterday he was in Dundee at a meeting of the Scottish Trades Union. He got a mixed response. Some of what he said was welcomed. When asked whether his government would

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13/04/2014 - Parents charged for basic school items

Charges are creeping into a lot of services that used to be free under the ConDem coalition. Their mismanagement of England's state schools is fo

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12/04/2014 - Zero hour contracts lead to low-pay

The truth is out on zero hour contracts. Workers on zero-hour contracts get paid far less than other workers. So not only do thes

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11/04/2014 - Are you a UKIP turkey heading for an early Xmas?

Are you thinking about voting UKIP as a protest against the 'political class' in elections in May? It is understandable as many feel that Labour,

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14/11/2009 - No Licence for Teachers

The Government's proposals to licence Teachers every five years was slammed by the Solidarity Trade Union as being misguided. and an attempt to regiment teaching .
Schools Secretary Ed Balls has proposed (in a White Paper published in June) that teachers who fail a five-yearly check-up will be banned from the classroom. To keep their licence, teachers will have to demonstrate that they have "up-to-date skills and learning to be effective in the classroom." 
Criticising the proposal General Secretary Patrick Harrington said :-

"Teachers already have to fulfil certain criteria to continue teaching e.g. at initial teacher training, performance management and Ofsted inspections. We are opposed to yet another layer of bureaucracy being imposed."
He added that :-

"The proposal suggests that Headteachers will decide upon renewal. This opens up the door to personal discrimination and bias which would be hard to counter. There are likely to be numerous court cases if Headteachers fail to renew licenses.
On behalf of our members we suggest he redirects the extra funds his proposal would cost to CPD - Continuing Personal or Professional Development if he genuinely wants to raise standards".

The proposals are likely to be presented in the Queen's Speech later this month.

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